really commend the inventor of this product. I recommend it to all my clients with toy breeds or older dogs with health issues making it difficult to go outside, Minnesota can have some harsh winters and very cold temperatures and this makes sense to me to keep them safe & warm. The pet owners don't have to get frustrated with the unwanted mess & accidents. It is safe and ideal for small dogs / puppies. I am very pleased to recommend the No Mess Tinkle Tray to anyone with a small dog. Dr. Roland Wohlin, DVM. MN

would like to thank Marj for inventing the No Mess Tinkle Tray.   I looked, researched and tried numerous potty training methods for my Cavaliers King Charles puppies when they were born and thru weaning.   My puppies use this tray as soon as they walk.  They cannot eat or tear the pads because the grate secures it from them.  My older dogs are trained to it also so if they need to "tinkle" while I'm away they use the tray.  It is so easy to clean....  rinse and put it back together.  It keeps their paws dry and clean.  It is a must have at my house and it has taken a lot of the work out of the puppies needs.  I'm able to just enjoy them.  Thanks again Marj!!!   -Just My Style Cavaliers, Verla Utah

"Which floors do you want to come home to?"


 We love the No Mess Tinkle Tray! I work long hours and we use it for our dog. Cooper uses the No Mess Tinkle Tray when I'm away at workand it works wonderfully! I'm a nurse and it is so nice to return home andnot have to deal spend hours cleaning floors, instead I get to spend my timeplaying with Cooper! Thanks! Stephanie Noe, Minnesota PS-Great idea!

This is Kristin from Four Paws and a Tail in Minneapolis. I wanted to let you know how happy our customers were with your new product. We have been recommending the Tinkle Tray to all small breed puppy buyers and the response has been fantasic!

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful, easy-to-use product.    Keep selling!   -Kristin

was at my wit’s end to find a solution to my situation – I live in Atlanta in a high-rise with a new little cavalier puppy.  My last dog has used “pee-pads” successfully in another room in the house, but my new puppy wanted nothing to do with it.  I tried the “fake grass” and had no  luck.  Plus, my puppy would drag the fake grass around the house!

            He finally began using the pee-pads but then would walk through it and track it through the house, and THEN he began  shredding it in a thousand pieces !!  I spent hours cleaning up a horrible mess until I found Marj’s No Mess Tinkle Tray online.  How Ingenious!!! Why someone had not thought of this I don’t know!  I called her and what a wonderful person to speak with about the problem.  I ordered TWO of her trays and was so delighted I ordered two more – for my office and home!!!! Not only did my cavalier take right to it and use it right away, he could not figure out how to get that pad underneath!  It worked!  In addition, they are classy and attractive around and don’t look messy at all – easy to wipe off with a Clorox wipe  – SOOOO easy all week, so attractive and well made, and most of all – IT WORKS!!
           My puppy has not had an “accident” since I received the trays – this is truly ingenious!  - Jana L. Harris. Attorney at Law, Atlanta Georgia

Oh my gosh, so happy I found your product! I was so tired of coming home to a shredded pad mess all mixed in with my puppies "duties" from the 9 hour long day. It was just one messy job to clean up after an already long day at work. It's only been 2 weeks since I've had my No Mess Tinkle Tray. And I can finally come home to a clean floor and not have to mop & clean up the mess. This is  Genius! Would love to see it in  Stores throughout the United States. I think this could really make house training your new puppy so much easier for dog owners. -Lilli S. ( Nurse) MN

These No Mess Tinkle Trays are not just for puppies and toy breeds, they are useful for dogs with health conditions, like cushings, diabetes, renal failure and medications like prednisone. Pet owners get frustrated with the increased urination – leading to accidents in the house and trips outside in the middle of the night.  The No Mess Tinkle Tray eliminates both guilt and a big mess; it saves  money on expensive carpet cleaning and urine neutralizing products. For dogs that have musculoskeletal issues - back pain, luxating patella, arthritis or recovering from an injury - this saves wear and tear on their body.  I especially appreciate how the No Mess  Tinkle Tray keeps the urine off bandages and feet, leaving everything clean and sanitary. I love this product, it will save you so much time, money and frustration – more importantly, it will make life easier for your pet!
Dr. Tracey Westegaard, DVM  MN

Both my wife and I love your No Mess Tinkle Tray product.

We both work and do not have an opportunity to make it home during lunch to let our kiddos out.  So we have trained them to go on the No Mess Tinkle Trays.  Works like a charm.   We have purchase two sets of trays from you and do not mind spending money for a that product that works!
Thank you,  John D. McAllen. TX.

I love love love the No MessTinkleTrays. My puppy went right to it to use it and so well designed could not figure out how he could shred pad!!  Wonderful!!! Quality made!!!  I am impressed. You are on to something!!!! -Janet P. TN.

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My dog & I love the No Mess Tinkle Tray because she can stay in her gated area  and still go potty when nobody is home. Also very handy during the winter months when it's too cold outside. -Megan C. MN

I felt compelled to write you to thank you for your great No Mess Tinkle Tray.  I have had yorkies in the past and. I wish I had had a No Mess Tinkle Tray.  We had to watch them, put gates up in the house and clean up many messes, not to mention having to rent equipment to clean carpets.  I have a friend who has a No Mess Tinkle Tray,  I dog sit for her  The first time I watched Peanut, she brought the Tinkle Tray.  I had never seen one before, but I had no problem with it at all.  Easy to use, easy to change the pad, and no mess in the yard to clean up as well.  I loved it!  often, but I am now convinced that the No Mess Tinkle Tray is the way to train  my yorkie Faith,   Clean house and no sending her out in the rain, or snow, and safe from other dogs, etc.  I highly recommend the No Mess Tinkle Tray to anyone who has a puppy, smaller dog, ill, older, or handicapped dog.  If you live in apartment , or high rise this is perfect for you.  No more messes for me!  How many dogs go to the vet, or are put down at shelters, because of a potty training issues?  I commend you Marj for your product.  Thank you so much for making my life with Faith easy and joyful.  Yours, Colleen Mechelke

Just a little note to tell you that the No Mess Tinkle Tray is wonderful for Dot, we put her on it twice once  big potty, once to tinkle, she's went to it ever since. The No Mess Tinkle Tray is absolutely genius and the little 10 week old puppy is really smart. She has really been an absolute joy, and the No Mess Tinkle Tray has made her training the best it could be. I would recommend this for any body with a pup or indoor dog to housetrain. I am a camper person with a 5th wheel and this has been a very appreciated tool in my new pups training. Like I said this is truly remarkable ! thank you! -Ken and Cheryl Simmons. FL

Marj, Our little Lucy sleeps with our young daughter and she used the pee pad only, I was noticing my daughter's bedding was smelling like dog pee, after paying close attention I realized Lucy's paws were smelling like dog urine, causing the bedding to smell. I purchased your No Mess Tinkle Tray and she took to it in just a few days. Now her paws stay clean and do not make my daughters bedding smell! This is one happy mom! We LOVE the No Mess Tinkle Tray. So clean & easy to use for both me and our little Lucy. -Jen S. ( Computer Programmer, FBI) SC

We have been using No Mess Tinkle Trays  with our puppies and they work excellent!   Our puppies learn very quickly where to go and the trays are super easy to clean and disinfect! We use them in our glass windows in the front of our store facing the mall hallway.

Shaun - Co-Owner, Pets R' Inn-  Fargo, ND

We live in a condo so we do not have a yard for our Maltese Louie to just go out and do his business.  Before  Louie was 1 year old he had to have 2 surgeries on his front legs. The vet suggested since we live in a cold climate using wee wee pads would be more beneficial for Louie because arthritis would be a given. Using the wee wee pads were ok  until he got a little older and his back leg would step in his urine and leave foot prints on my floors, I would have to follow him around with a mop. Having the No Mess Tinkle Tray has made such a difference the urine goes down onto the wee wee pad through the grid top and I do not have anymore footprints. Thank you for this product. We love it.   -Claire DeLuca from New York

Your Tinkle Tray is wonderful! I raise Maltese and Maltipoos and have all the pups trained to your tray when I sell them. I have been getting great feedback from my buyers. This winter has been so cold and snowy that training the pups to the outdoors is almost impossible, so the trays are invaluable. The pups train so easily to the trays and it is so easy to clean after they use it. The pups get used to being clean and that makes transition to a new home easier.Thank you for sharing your great invention!!! -Marlene