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I have had dogs all my life, a home just wouldn't feel complete without the pitter patter of paws on my floors. Several years ago I started raising 2 kinds of toy breed dogs. I always pee pad trained them prior to joining their new families, The pads seemed to work pretty well, it was just the mess of shredding and dragging them.  What a horrible mess that is to clean up, and costly going through so many pads.  And the people going home with their new puppies were 

facing the same issue, I knew there had to be a better, cleaner, more sanitary way  to train these puppies. After having a small

3 lb. Maltese of my own, I was passionate and inspired to invent an indoor potty  product that would  prevent the puppies / dogs from getting a hold of that pad!  Something clean, easy to use, easy to wash and a way to keep these little guys safe and warm from the cold Minnesota winters. That's when the No Mess Tinkle Tray was created. We own a family  farm and have always had animals of all types, We have always kept our animals needs and safety held to the highest priority. The No Mess Tinkle Tray has given my dogs so much more freedom, they don't have to be crated on some of those days that got to be long ones, AND I still can have my clean sanitary floors!

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